A Tune A Day

My friend Claire did a photo-a-day-for-a-year blog a few years ago, and was asking yesterday who wanted to do something similar this year. It got me thinking about a tune-a-day blog instead, although given that my last recording project took me 18 months to record 17 minutes of music, I thought it might be a bit unrealistic. Then I thought that rather than aiming to do complete tunes, I could just do unfinished, imperfect recordings as a way of cataloguing all the little bits and pieces of music I have hanging around, and creating a some new pieces for my next project. All recorded on the iPad, of course. I will also be getting my son, Tom, to help out, as he is keen (and surprisingly good, for an 8 year old) drummer, and he’s learning the piano.

So here it is… http://soundcloud.com/richardhughes/sets/a-tune-a-day

And here’s the first tune….

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