Best of the second 100 days of “A Tune A Day”

Saturday was day 200 of my tune-a-day project, so here’s a compilation of my favourites from the second hundred days (first compilation here).

I simply couldn’t get this list down to just 10, so there are 12 this time. They split into four main categories – new tunes, traditional tunes, silly songs and covers-collaborations-and-remixes. See notes below for an explanation of why I particularly like these tunes.

New tunes

Probably one of my favourite tunes of the first 100 days missed the first compilation because it was day 100 and I did the compilation too soon afterwards to decide whether to include it. 23rd August was a noisier version of the same tune.

16th September and 9th October are included simply because I really like the tunes and the way the instruments complement each other. I’ve rediscovered the mandolin in the last month or so, and I love the way 10th October starts in a confusing muddle of banjo and mandolin but somehow resolves itself.

Traditional tunes

Unusually, there are tunes from 3 consecutive days included here – early October was a particular good period in the project. 8th October is Carolan’s Welcome – I probably spent longer learning to play this properly than any other tune so far. It was going to have more instruments on it, but I really liked the delicacy of the piano version. 20th October is very noisy version of Raggle Taggle Gypsy. I recorded an acoustic version earlier, but didn’t play it very well – this version is much better.

Silly Songs

My children sang on two very silly songs. 5th October is Big Red Combine Harvester, their favourite song from the previous day’s harvest festival at school (see also the video). 30th August is Heilan’ Coo, their Scottish holiday song. Neither has a huge amount of musical merit, but both were great fun to record.

Covers, collaborations and remixes

19th September is the Game of Thrones theme, recorded after watching the whole of season 3 on consecutive nights.

21st October is Mairi’s Wedding, my first recording in OhmStudio, with contributions from around the world.

1st November was my entry for the Smithsonian Remix competition, featuring a variety of squeaky animals and insects. I didn’t win, but was still pleased with the result.

9th November is for the Remix Paula Seling competition. I entirely replaced the europop original to make it altogether folkier. I doubt very much whether Ms Seling would approve, but it was a great deal of fun to do.


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