WholeWorldBand – update

Last month, I wrote about my first impressions of WholeWorldBand. I was very excited about the concept, but a few issues with the initial version of the app made it hard to use.  In the last couple of weeks there have been two updates in quick succession that have vastly improved the app.

The biggest problem I had previously was latency when recording from external sound devices such as my Apogee Jam and Blue Snowball mic. I was very pleased to find that this seems to be completely fixed in the latest version – in the example below, I recorded 4 takes through the Blue Snowball without any latency problems at all (all timing issues are my own bad playing!)

The sound quality of the  audio in the exported video is also much better. It’s now somewhere around 256k stereo, whereas it was 64k mono before. And the latest version has added stereo panning of each take (the example above doesn’t use that though, because it was recorded before that update).

2013-12-20 08.59.24

Finally, but equally importantly, I’ve found the app to be a great deal more stable.

I wouldn’t describe the app as perfect yet, but it’s certainly improved vastly in the last two weeks, and I’ve been very impressed with the responsiveness of the team to feedback. Top of my wish list for future features is Audiobus and/or inter-app audio support, and maybe some basic editing features for dealing with less-than-perfect takes.

If you haven’t tried it yet, now would be a great time to do so because they’re running a competition where you can win a guitar signed by Ronnie Wood and a variety of other equipment.


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