Cubasis vs Garageband Revisited

Back in May I wrote about my initial experiences with Cubasis, and how it compares with Garageband. That post has become one of the most viewed on this site, so I felt an update was in order as it doesn’t really reflect my current thoughts.

In May, my conclusion was:

I would say that Cubasis is a better DAW, but Garageband is a more complete package. I will probably use both – Cubasis for proper recordings, and probably most of the time for acoustic tracks; Garageband for quick sketches, and electric guitar & virtual instrument tracks in particular.

I’ve used either Cubasis or Garageband almost every day since then as part of my tune a day project, and on the whole that prediction has proved to be very accurate. For mostly acoustic tracks like this one, I would always use Cubasis to give me more control over the sound of the instruments – Garageband’s lack of track EQ continues to be a huge problem to me.

But for electric guitars and tracks like this one, I would pick Garageband every time. I’ve used Ampkit via Audiobus to record electric instruments in Cubasis, but it’s a lot more hassle than using Garageband.

Another killer reason for using Garageband on a track like this is the ability to then open the track in Garageband or Logic on the Mac. The new drummer feature in both of these is so much better than anything I have on the iPad that this alone can be a reason to start a project with Garageband.

However, in recent weeks there have been more and more reasons to avoid Cubasis. I’m not sure whether it started with the iOS 7 upgrade or the Cubasis 1.7 update, but I’m finding the app less and less reliable, with frequent audio glitches. The Cubasis forums seem to suggest that I am not alone, but there seems to be no solution in sight at the moment.

I’ve found that the problems can usually be avoided by doing a total restart of the iPad before starting recording. But that’s a lot of hassle, and I often forget. It’s really disappointing, because I liked Cubasis a lot.

So… I’ve decided the time has come to try Auria. It’s downloading now… watch this space for a first report.


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