Adventures with WholeWorldBand #1

I continue to be very excited by WholeWorldband – I think it’s the best thing to happen to iPad music since, well, the iPad. I do oscillate though between frustration with the app and some of its foibles, and joy when I remember to do everything in the right order and successfully add to a track.

After a few initial experiments in November and December, last month I started trying to make proper contributions to other peoples’ tracks. One of the things I’ve noticed is that seed tracks created by amateur musicians don’t tend to attract a lot of contributions so I felt that there is currently more fun to be had by contributing to existing tracks than creating your own (although I have been studying what makes a good seed track, and will eventually get round to trying to create one). So here are a few of the results.

The first track I contributed to was Ronnie Wood’s “Fill Her Up Honey”. This has by far the most contributions because it was the track involved in the recent competition.

(Ronnie Wood: Vocals & Guitar; Sarah-Louise Keane : Vocals; Shay Cosgrave : Drums; Paul Flood : Bass; Me: Accordion)

In fact, there are so many vocal contributions to this track I was also able to create an acapella version….

(Ronnie Wood, Sarah-Louise Keane, Clodagh Ryan & Roisin Doyle, Soul-On Z, Glenn Rosborough)

The next one is one of my favourites, Ethan Johns’ “Morning Blues”, featuring some great harmonica playing.

(Ethan Johns: Vocals & guitar; Natsuki Kurai : Harmonica; Beth Porter : Cello; Me: Hammond Organ)

More in part  2.


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