Best of the last 65 days of “A Tune A Day”

My tune-a-day-for-a-year project finished yesterday. More on that to come over the next few posts, but to start with, here’s fourth “best of” compilation, covering days 301-365. As with the other three, it’s not necessarily the best tunes or best performances, just the ones I get most pleasure out of going back and listening to.

31st March is quite possibly my favourite new tune to come out of the project. I did an acoustic version the day before, but I think I prefer the electric one. That, and 4th April both came from the same vein of poppier writing as melody for an unwritten pop song a few years ago.

If the tune-a-day project had a theme tune, it would be Raggle Taggle Gypsy. I think it’s been included five times in a variety of different forms. But the 20th April version is special to me because it’s the only one of the 365 recordings that has the whole family playing instruments. 26th April was another family performance – what it lacks in polish is makes up for in spontaneity; Anne had been playing through a few flute pieces, and I liked the sound of this one so picked up my bouzouki, then called Tom in to add drums.

2nd March is Tom’s composition for his piano homework – “compose a tune in E minor that tells a story about a ship on the ocean”. The full title (“Jolly Pirates Who Die On A Big Ship And Come Back As Zombies”) gives a fairly clear indication of the story.

I’ve done several silly versions of well known tunes throughout the series. 21st April and 16th April are two of my favourites, and I particularly like the incongruity of having the same instrumentation for renditions of a 1980s hair metal anthem and a classical standard.

One of the things that the project has taught me is that I really don’t understand electronic music at all. I’ve made several attempts to explore it, but very few have been particularly successful. 28th March is one of the better attempts.

During the series I’ve written a few tunes around existing vocal tracks. 23rd April is probably my favourite of these, featuring Laura James from She has a beautiful voice, and for some reason as soon as I heard this song I imagined a banjo behind it.

22nd March is a variation of one of my favourite tunes from earlier in the series, and 28th April was also inspired by an earlier tune – I wanted to recreate a similar sound once more before the end of the series.

And finally, 30th April feels like a fitting end to the series. I had a big, electric, anthemic version of this planned, but when it came to record it, the weather was so nice outside I went out into the garden and did an acoustic version instead.

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