The Best of “A Tune A Day”

My “Tune A Day” project created 8 hours and 12 minutes of music in 365 tracks. Here are my favourite 33 minutes and 20 tracks of it. Descriptions of the tracks below the playlist.

I think Raggle Taggle Gypsy was done 5 times throughout the project, partly because it became Tom’s favourite tune over the last year. There are two versions included here which, spookily, were recorded exactly 6 months apart from each other. 20th October is the loud, electric version; 20th April was the only one of the 365 tunes to have the whole family playing instruments.

During February I spent a couple of weeks trying to expand my repertoire of folk tunes; The Weasel’s Revenge (9th February) was my favourite.

Two of tracks here are remixes of earlier recordings. 22nd November was part of “remix week”, and combined the three parts of Rolling (3rd May, 19th June, 20th June) into a single piece. Three Days In August did the same with 21st, 8th and 23rd August and was mixed around the same time but never used as a tune-of-the-day. While the joins are not exactly seamless, both mixes give a better idea of what the finished piece is meant to sound like.

31st March and 4th April are two of my favourite new tunes from later in the series – both have a rather more upbeat, poppy feel than most of the series.

29th May started as a recording of Tom playing his drums angrily after being told off for something. He was expecting me to add noisy electric guitar to it, but the Hammond organ gave it an entirely different and unexpected feel.

4th January is one of the more complete songs, and has one of Tom’s best saxophone performances. There’s a long story attached to it – too long to go into here.

There are two versions of Water Pistol Jig in the series and I spent ages trying to decide which one to include here. The 5th May original was written in the garden while the children ran around soaking each other with water pistols.

I really liked 3rd July when I recorded it; I liked it even more after seeing Fabric Lenny’s use of it on one of his videos. I can’t hear it without seeing his pictures now.

17th June and 25th June both captured a rougher-edged folky sound I was trying to find. 25th June is a great example of what the project was all about – it started as an attempt to  record the harmonica for the first time, but what I like most about it is something completely different – the accordion riff, which influenced the way I played the accordion for much of the rest of the series.

16th September is a quiet, simple tune that I’ve always liked the feel of.

2nd June, 19th July and 21st February are similar tunes that use minor chords on the acoustic bouzouki accompanied by the electric bouzouki; they may get joined together in some way in the future. The title Twisted Ankle comes from the trampolining injury Tom sustained while I was writing 2nd June.

There are four “metal Abba” tracks in the series – Mamma Mia (24th June) was the first and best of them.

29th December was the most ambitious tune of the year – 12 different instruments for the Twelve Days Of Christmas.

Finally, 26th January always felt like something to go on the end of a long piece, which is what it’s doing here.

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  1. Congratulations on this project and website, not only for the daunting task of writing a song a day, but also for educating other musicians on your learnings in using an iPad for songwriting and recording. I consult the website often for app ideas. Best, you created a lot of great music, and brought a lot of different people together to help out.

    (FYI, I settled on Cubasis (for now) as my iPad DAW of choice, because of its flexibility, inter-app routing, and frequent/responsive updates to fix bugs.)

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