WholeWorldBand Revisited

I’ve had quite a long break from WholeWorldBand, after getting a little frustrated with it for a variety of reasons. A lot of the recent updates have focused on the new iPhone version, but as I don’t have an iPhone, those haven’t been very interesting to me. However, the latest update has finally added a metronome, making it easier to make a quick recording. There’s also a MIDI clock to let you control external instruments, but my preference for “real” instruments means I’ve never really got the hang of that.

I remain very excited by the idea of WholeWorldBand, and am very pleased to see the app getting gradually better. I just wish it was a little less gradual!

Here’s my latest recording on it…



5 thoughts on “WholeWorldBand Revisited”

  1. Hello!

    I have recently started using whole world band in an attempt to collaborate with some pals who I don’t get an opportunity to get together with frequently.

    Very frustrating experience!

    Very time consuming and buggy uploading. Unable to go back and forth and respond to what people have done with the original tracks with more stuff. Unable to put together collabs with more than one other contributor. Doesn’t seem to work with my apogee mic input, so stuck with the mic on the iphone… And very little in the way of support or information out there for users to troubleshoot these kind of issues.

    In general, the app is a pain in the ass to use! Loads of potential, but pretty horrible execution at the moment…

    Would love to hear from you if you know of an easy app for collaborating between a couple of pals on IOS.


    1. I’d agree with your “lots of potential, not so good at the execution” summary. Very much my experience. When I get it working, it’s fantastic, but I often lack the patience to do it.
      I’m not aware of anything quite like WholeWorldBand on iOS, but I have used OhmStudio on my Mac – that’s very much better for detailed recording, and has a pretty active community. Pity there’s no iOS version (Mac & Windows only).

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