15 Seconds

Towards the end of 2014 my children remarked on several occasions how they missed the tune a day project (which finished in April 2014). It was far too time-consuming to consider doing the same thing again, so I came up with a compromise – a short video recording of a performance each day, posted to Instagram (thereby limiting it to 15 seconds).

Obviously you can’t do much in 15 seconds, and some days are certainly better than other.  But it was quite fun to look back at a month at a time in the videos below. There’s quite a good selection of instruments involved:

  • Tom played drums, cajon, saxophone, piano, guitar, trumpet and a strange Chinese flute
  • Ellie played flute, piano and recorder
  • Anne played flute, clarinet and guitar
  • I played bouzoukis, accordions, piano, harmonium, baglama and mandolin.

There were also a variety of out-and-about recordings from the various bands the children play in, and street musicians we came across during a trip to Barcelona.

By the beginning of May, the children were getting bored of it though and I was running out of ideas (looking back, I realised that some tunes appeared up to 4 times), so we stopped. Or at least paused – maybe we’ll go back to it later in the year.


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