Catching Up #1

Looking back at my most recent posts, I’ve realised I’ve only posted twice in the last year – not very good. After my tune a day for a year project finished in May 2014, I’ve drifted from one musical thing to another – I started to record two EPs/short albums and didn’t really get very far with either; I recorded 15 seconds of music a day for the first 4 months of 2015, then ran out of enthusiasm for it; I’ve written some new tunes; I’ve played along with Tom’s drums; I’ve posted a lot of links to my Facebook page. So while I haven’t finished a lot, I have recorded quite a lot of music, some of which I’m quite pleased with.

So this is the first in a series of catching up posts. To start with, a series of three tunes recorded while we were on holiday on the Isle of Mull in August 2014. These were all recorded through the iPad’s internal mic, so the sound quality isn’t great. The first track also uses Thumbjam‘s “Scottish Smallpipes” sound.

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