Catching Up #2: The Wrong Connector

MC531I must admit that over the last year, I grew increasingly frustrated trying to record music on my ageing iPad 3. The iOS 8 upgrade made it perform rather sluggishly and I started having a lot more trouble connecting USB audio devices via the camera connection kit (CCK). This mystified me for a long time, and seemed to get progressively worse to the point where nothing was working any more. I would constantly get the “this device is not supported” error.

Then, quite by accident, I discovered the cause. I had two USB  CCK connectors – one of which I bought, the other of which I was given. In the past I used the two interchangeably without problems and never really noticed which was which. But at some point I must have lost the one I bought (which was definitely a genuine Apple one). I then realised that the one I was given wasn’t genuine Apple – I had never noticed before, because they looked identical. While it had worked OK in iOS 7, it almost never worked in iOS 8.

So I bought a new genuine Apple connector, and everything started working again. So, moral of the story – all those people who warn you not to use 3rd party USB connectors are right.

Anyway, the result of this (now-fixed) iPad frustration is that I spent a lot more time recording on my Mac with Logic Pro X. Here’s one of the results, a combination of two of my favourite tunes from the Tune A Day project. It makes use of another reason I was spending more time with my Mac – the wonderful Friedlander Violin. I wish there was an iPad violin that sounds as good as the Friedlander.


2 thoughts on “Catching Up #2: The Wrong Connector”

  1. While this is true, why does Apple consistently break things that were working? I should be able to buy accessories I like. That Apple intentionally changes things to “break” non-Apple” products is churlish behavior. Their updates add no additional functionality to me in how I can use the product and they intentionally break accessories that were working perfectly fine the way I liked it.

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