Catching Up #4: Card Tricks

8SQM_DE035D4D-861F-4C02-AF99-134F216B4D8A_largeOf all the infuriating we-know-better-than-you limitations that Apple place on iPad users, few annoy me more than the inability to copy anything else photos and videos from SD cards. I have two Zoom portable microphones that record to SD cards, but I can’t transfer these recordings to the iPad using the Apple camera connection kit (CCK).

However, I have discovered a useful workaround using a Kingston MobileLiteWireless (MLW) device. There’s a newer version available (which I haven’t tried), but you can get the original for less than £20 now.

Once you’ve installed the MLW software on the iPad and connected it to the device (fairly easy – just follow their instructions, basically the MLW acts as a WiFi access point), you can transfer files to Cubasis using the process describe below.

First, choose how the card is connected to the MLW – you can either put the card in the device or (as I have done in this case) connected the microphone to the device with a USB cable and turned on the mic’s card reader mode.


Then you can browse the files – in this case I am using a Zoom Q8 so I have both audio and video files.


Choose the one you want, and you can play the audio.


Now if you tap the icon in the top right corner,  choose the “Open in” menu.



Now choose Cubasis (or app of your choice). Bizarrely, you can open in iMovie, but not in Garageband.



In Cubasis, go to the Media browser and you’ll find the file under “Audio”


And finally, just drag it into your project.


It sounds like quite a few steps, but is fairly easy when you get the hang of it. In some ways it’s actually better than using the CCK because:

  • you don’t need to take the SD card out of the microphone
  • you can preview the files before you copy them to the iPad
  • if you haven’t already got the CCK SD card reader, it’s actually cheaper to buy a MobileLiteWireless than a CCK.

The only disadvantages I can think of are:

  • the WiFi connection to the MLW can be a bit erratic at times
  • I haven’t worked out a way of importing the files into Garageband yet





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