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The Android Musician

Since I bought my iPad, Android tablets have improved immeasurably. If my iPad broke tomorrow, I would consider switching to Android except for one reason… the music apps. The iPad is so, so much better for music creation.

But I’ve never had an iPhone because I think they’re far too expensive for something that I’ll probably drop and break. So I’ve been an Android phone user for several years. I’ve just upgraded to an Acer Liquid S2, a stupidly big 6″ phone, and thought I’d have another look at the Android music apps available. There’s very little to get excited about, but one exception is Audio Evolution – a pretty good DAW.

2014-04-06 16.18.10


It’s not exactly Garageband, but it’s not bad. And importantly, it contains (at a price) USB audio drivers, so you can plug an external microphone in using a USB OTG cable. I was impressed that it worked with my Blue Snowball mic, my Apogee Jam and my Zoom H2n microphone (the last of which doesn’t work with the iPad). It has the usual range of editing features, and some reasonable audio effects like chorus, flanger, overdrive etc (some of which have to be paid for). The user interface is a little strange, but makes sense once you get the hang of it.

So today’s tune is Android powered. Probably not something I’ll do very often, but overall  I’ve been quite impressed with Audio Evolution.